In 1940, Harold Fessler got the idea that he could form a business that was based on servicing of local restaurants and bars to clean and supply their pop and

beer systems. He quickly accumulated customers in the Des Moines, Iowa area and then gradually added many small town soda shops and bars. Then he got called to serve his country in World War II. While he was away at war, his dad took care of the business. When he returned from the war, the business quickly grew. He hired employees, some of which stayed with him until they recently retired. Even though his boys helped with the business as kids, only one was interested in continuing on to make it his life’s work.

Bob Fessler worked in the business his whole life, except for taking his turn serving his country in the Vietnam War and coming home with a Bronze Star for his efforts. After returning to Des Moines, he worked in partnership with his dad until he bought him out in 1978. Harold continued to work in the business into his 90’s. He asked about it every day until he passed away in 2014, at the age of 96, so proud of Fessler Carbonic Gas!